Postiljonen’s “All That We Had is Lost” by way of Keep Shelly in Athens

I think I’m a bit obsessed with Keep Shelly in Athens’ remixes of other artists’ material. These Grecian electronic chillwavers are masters of ambient cool, slipping just the right amount of laid-back polish into everything they touch. I love what they did with Porcelain Raft and Solar Bears. You can check out those posts here.

For tonight, I stumbled upon a remix they assembled for the Swedish dream-pop trio Postiljonen, a scintillating slice of serenity titled “All That We Had is Lost.” Before I get into it, I should mention that, although Stockholm-based, their effervescent vocalist Mia Bøe is actually Norwegian. The little details matter … Anyway, I’ve been a fan of this indie act for a number of years, ever since hearing the beautifully-crafted, sax-driven, synth-drenched, echo-pop single “Atlantis” back in 2013.

Turns out that “All That We Had is Lost” comes from the same album as “Atlantis.” That LP’s appropriately titled “Skyer,” signifying Postiljonen’s debut. This particular remix slipped under my radar, due to being released quietly as a digital-only EP the following year. You know, I try to stay in the loop. But since there’s so much good stuff to experience, other worthy listens have a tendency to sneak by unnoticed.

Enough backstory. As I mentioned, I’ve been following both acts for a good long while, unaware their paths ever crossed. And what an outcome … Keep Shelly’s remix of “All That We Had is Lost” is a wonderfully breezy groove, fusing their electro chillwave aesthetic with Postiljonen’s sparkling dream-pop of alluring ethereality. It’s super casual, relaxed at it’s core, yet softly determined in its slow-rolling rhythmic bliss.

Keep Shelly in Athens’ RΠЯ and Myrtha. Photo by Niki Topouslidou; sourced from artist’s Facebook.

The original “All That We Had is Lost” plays more towards the shimmer and glimmer of euphoric atmospherics and smooth echo-ey vocal cascades. It’s also pop conventional in its percussiveness, splashing the sax with a more ’80s prominence. Keep Shelly shifts the vibe towards a Mediterranean menagerie, flowing with Euro-style grooves, airy ambience, and oceanic breeze. And the sax is still there, just a little subtler, and consequently, much hipper. I can’t think of a better re-mixture right now for chilling out.

So direct your attention to Keep Shelly in Athens’ remix of Postiljonen’s “All That We Had is Lost,” and prepare for this Grecian sea of Swedish tranquility to splash against your spiritual shores. Enjoy!

“All That We Had is Lost (Keep Shelly in Athens Remix) from the 2014 remix EP “All That We Had is Lost.”

For good measure, here’s Postiljonen’s original slice of dream-popped euphoria in the 2013 release of “All That We Had is Lost.”

“All That We Had is Lost” from the 2013 album “Skyer”.

And lastly, because I brought it up, it only seems fair to include “Atlantis.” Plus, it’s a wonderful little number that exemplifies the Postiljonen sound, minus the remix treatment, of course. In fact, “Atlantis” probably deserves a post of its own. Oh well … here it is anyway …

“Atlantis” from the 2013 album “Skyer”.


Keep Shelly in Athens: