MGMT’s “Electric Feel”

It’s a gloomy, dark Saturday afternoon, low clouds threatening rain, wind, and chilly temps. It’s about as close to winter as we’ll get in L.A., short of an all-out storm. So I’m going to stick with some old familiars to add a little brightness and warmth to the remains of the day.

For starters, let’s flashback to 2007, when a little East Coast duo fresh out of college, dubbed MGMT, debuted a retro-nostalgic recollection of ’70s rhythm titled “Electric Feel.” It wasn’t the biggest hit from their acclaimed debut album “Oracular Spectacular.” That would be the Grammy nominated “Kids,” or the crafty psychedelic pop manifesto “Time to Pretend.” But it was definitely the coolest.

“Electric Feel” is a classic slice of kaleidoscope pop, slickly saturated in downtempo disco grooves, hip synths, and playful vibes. It tumbles and twirls in eccentric rhythmic quirks, kind of trippy, slightly experimental, and totally lucid. It’s crafty and clever as ever, hipster to its core, but true to its cool. And ultimately, it’s just plain fun.

It marks a distinct note in MGMT’s catalogue, which now totals four albums of eclectic pop psychedelia. And after a dozen or so years, it’s still around, fresher than ever, marked by a relevance of laid-back persistence. It’s casually timeless, freed of age obligations, and totally unconcerned with the passage of time. I think that’s why it still sounds as good today as it did back in 2007. Plus, its playfully loose and modest aspirations, or lack there of, feel like a welcome relief from today’s concerns.

Whether it’s slipped from your memory, or it’s still making the rotations, “Electric Feel” remains a trip worth taking again and again. Check it out …

“Electric Feel” from the 2007 album “Oracular Spectacular.”

Here’s MGMT’s weird and wonderful music video for “Electric Feel.”

And to top it off, here’s a couple of live performances for “Electric Feel.” Why two? Why not? The first is from the FYF Fest back in the summer of 2017. The second is from last year’s Hollywood Palladium show. Enjoy!

MGMT perform “Electric Feel” at last year’s FYF on 07.22.17.

MGMT perform “Electric Feel” earlier this year at the Hollywood Palladium on 05.18.18.