George Clanton’s “Bleed”

Time to lighten the mood a bit. I’ve been lingering in this subjectively darker space these last few days … at least, in terms of listening tastes. So I’m going to move things towards a brighter place. Hence, George Clanton’s uplifting electronic single “Bleed” from 2015’s “100% Electronica.”

This one isn’t exactly full-on optimism. Lyrically, it’s probably somewhere in the middle, more of an argument for positive outcomes than an actual outcome itself. But musically, “Bleed” is a synth-drenched euphoric slice of downtempo pop goodness, reminiscent of ’80s new wave acts, as well as modern ambient electronica.

Clanton’s classified as “vaporwave,” a sample-based subgenre of electronic music, and more specifically chillwave. You can read about vaporwave here. Personally, I find that particularly label kind of silly. But it is what it is.

It’s also unnecessary to appreciate “Bleed.” On its own terms, it’s straight-up synth-pop, distilled to catchy sequenced beats, shiny keys, and dreamy spatial vocals. Familiarity plays a big part, with retro rhythms and vintage vibes swirling in sonic sync. But there’s also a retrofit, old tropes reimagined and reassembled with freshly inspired aural radiance.

Plain and simple, Clanton’s “Bleed” doesn’t overpromise, nor underdeliver. It hits a sweet spot that just works. Check it out for yourself.

“Bleed” from the 2015 album “100% Electronica.”