Setlist: Emma Ruth Rundle

Here’s the setlist for psychedelic indie post-rocker Emma Ruth Rundle’s emotionally-pitched show at the Echoplex earlier this month. Again, I meant to get this post up sooner, but it’s been a busy month.

Most of the performance was centered on her latest introspective album “On Dark Horses,” a highly personal slow-burn exploration of the depths of darkness and the heights of hope. Rundle’s music is a raw progressive journey, slightly slowcore in its unguarded guitar-based melodies. It’s intense but comforting, conflicted but collected. There’s a roughness in the melody that elevates her music beyond the typical post-this or that.

She also played a few songs from her previous effort of unbridled brilliance, “Marked for Death,” including the impassioned powerhouse “Protection” and the optimistically soft-spoken “Heaven.”

You can check out some of the live performance from last night’s post here. Otherwise, the embed of the setlist as playlist is ready below. I find Rundle’s music works best for those contemplative moments, as well as late night moody affairs. It’s strong stuff, but mainly in the lyrical and thematic sense. It never overpowers, unless you want it to. Check it out and see how it impacts you.