Emma Ruth Rundle @ the Echo on 12.09.18

As we’re coming up on the end of 2018, I’m attempting to tie up some loose ends. Emma Ruth Rundle is one of them. She did a show back at the beginning of December, and for one reason or another, I’ve been unable to get this post about her buttoned up.

I should’ve tackled it sooner, because she’s a hell of a singer and songwriter. She’s got a knack for crafting epic-minded psychedelic post-rock sagas of hope, despair, and the unending emotional struggle in between. It’s beautiful stuff, but it does throw you to the wolves, embattled in a world of lyrical turmoil, seeking hope, redemption, or just plain peace of mind.

Rundle played the Echo back on 12.09.18 to a full house. I almost didn’t go, due to a nasty nasal cold that was messing with my head. Plus, I had to work that day, so my energy levels were near depletion. But I went anyway, mainly based on her previous album “Marked for Death,” and the track “Medusa,” which I absolutely love. You can check out my previous post for that here. She didn’t play it. But she did offer a few others from that album, like “Protection,” “Heaven,” and the title track.

Rundle’s performance mainly focused on her current release “On Dark Horses,” which admittedly I didn’t know as well. But now that I’ve heard her play it, there’s some absolutely mesmerizing stuff to experience. Much of it’s a slow burn, melodic and rough, driven by a raw passion that’s exploratory and contemplative. It traverses the metaphorical darkness, searching for that elusive light at the end of the tunnel. It sounds like heavy stuff. And it is. But like I mentioned, there’s a beauty to its melancholy. And Rundle’s lyrics never drag you down, instead offering to guide you through it.

Here’s a few tracks that she performed. I absolutely love the first one, titled “Dead Set Eyes.” I’d never heard it until she played it. And musically, it just took my thoughts to so many interesting places. Now, it’s one of my favorites from her. I’ve also included a couple of others from the latest album, “Control” and “Light Song.” Both share a restrained intensity that permeates much of her newer material. And lastly, there’s the three aforementioned tracks from “Marked for Death,” the visceral “Protection” being a highlight.

Enjoy this sampling of Emma Ruth Rundle’s performance at the Echo on 12.09.18.

Emma Ruth Rundle performs “Dead Set Eyes” @ the Echo on 12.09.18.

Emma Ruth Rundle performs “Protection” @ the Echo on 12.09.18.

Emma Ruth Rundle performs “Marked for Death” @ the Echo on 12.09.18.

Emma Ruth Rundle performs “Control” @ the Echo on 12.09.18.

Emma Ruth Rundle performs “Light Song” & “Heaven” @ the Echo on 12.09.18.