Aiden’s “Arboretum (Clawz SG Remix)”

I’m experiencing one of those writer’s block kind of days. So everything I intended to post today, I’m scrapping and starting from scratch. And the first track I landed on is a classy slice of spacey progressive house title “Arboretum.” It’s from Rotterdam-based DJ/Producer Aiden, with Frenchman Clawz SG giving it a deep house remix treatment.

Aiden. Photo sourced from Beatport.

“Arboretum” is a laid-back groove affair, coasting along at a breezy minimalist clip, with techno-minded percussive beats, a droning melodic bassline, and washes of ’70s sci-fi synths. It drifts and meanders, unconcerned with any destination in particular, opting for the sonic scenic route. It doesn’t present any overt challenges, instead extending an invitation to tag along, either as an active listener or a casual tourist.

Clawz SG a.k.a. Sylvain Guiraud. Photo sourced from artist’s Facebook.

Like many progressive tracks, the Clawz SG remix of “Arboretum” works as effectively in the foreground, as well as the background. I find this music incredibly fun for clubbing. It’s hypnotic and mesmerizing, lulling you into trance-induced meditations, which makes it great for all-nighters on the dancefloor. For these very same reasons, it also works as a sublime soundtrack for life’s everyday chores, whether at work or at home, piped through speakers or headphones. Either way, it sets a tempo, albeit a playful groovy one, for moving forward, whatever it is that needs doing.

I can get lost in a track such as this, and emerge relaxed, enlightened, and inspired. Progressive house has a way of doing that for me. See if Aiden’s “Arboretum,” as remixed by Clawz SG, will do the same for you. Enjoy!

“Arboretum (Clawz SG Remix) from the 2017 single “Arboretum.”


Clawz SG: