Black Cab remixes Lowtide’s “Southern Mind”

Last night, I ran across this ear-catching remix of “Southern Mind” by Australian indie act Lowtide. I originally posted this track back at the beginning of November, when I was taken by its spatial wall-of-sound atmospherics and glistening vocal layers. I still am. But now I’ve got a new perspective.

Typically, I prefer not to rehash the same content. There’s exceptions, of course. And this remix from fellow Aussies Black Cab is one of them. I almost didn’t recognize the original, due to the fine job of retrofitting this seemingly endless echo chamber of reverb into a groovy electronic dream-gazed dance number. It feels quite natural, almost symbiotic, as if always intended to sound this way.

Black Cab, circa 2014. Photo by Tim Bell; sourced from artist’s Website.

Also, I never would have suspected Lowtide as a candidate for the electronic music treatment. But Black Cab’s rendition feels lively and inspired, retaining their open air aesthetics and ethereality, while layering a rhythmic undercarriage to propel the reverberation forward. “Southern Mind” gains a bit of tempo in the process, still bathed in an ambient aura of euphoric ecstasy, yet now infused with an electro synth spark of synergy.

Black Cab have essentially crafted a whole new song, different enough to stand on its own, familiar enough to appeal to fans of the Lowtide original. That’s the best kind of remix. Check out it below.

“Southern Mind (Black Cab Remix)” from the 2018 self-titled single by Lowtide & Black Cab.


Black Cab: