Setlist: Cults

Here’s Cults’ setlist from their show at the Echo on 12.23.18. I meant to post this last night, along with the show’s coverage, but I was just too tired to do it. Sometimes I lose the writing spirit, and just burn out. But it’s a new day/night, so here ya’ go.

Upon compiling this playlist of selections, I realize that many of these tracks are featured in yesterday’s posted footage. I guess I really enjoyed the show, because I don’t recall filming all those songs. Or maybe it’s just muscle memory. Who knows? The plus side is now anyone can enjoy their performance, even with the dimly lit and often soft photography.

So here’s the setlist as playlist. There’s a pretty fair and balanced selection of old and new to satisfy any Cults fan, as well as attract new ones. There’s also plenty of retro ’50s-’60s vibes to go around, in addition to some contemporary pop and mild psychedelia.

If that works for you, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the next hour of sonic goodness, courtesy of Cults.