Foreign Air’s “Chakra Daemon”

Foreign Air’s another artist that’s been circling the rotation, waiting for me to find the right words of recommendation for this blog.

I’m not entirely sure if I’ve got the right words just yet. But I do like the catchy abstractions of their synth-pop single “Chakra Daemon.” The title, for one, speaks to my metaphysical mind, even if I don’t know exactly what it’s getting at. Let’s just say it sets the tone.

And the music, like I mentioned, is catchy. It’s first and foremost a pop song, and its sensibilities make for an immensely listenable experience … and likewise, a memorable one. But I would never call “Chakra Daemon” a mainstream single, as it still has an indie spirit to boot. That’s kinda funny, because a quick glance at Foreign Air’s other material points to commercial accessibility more so than this one. Not necessarily a bad thing. But I do prefer where “Chakra Daemon” resides instead.

I’d say that if the indie synth thing is your style, Foreign Air will sit quite comfortably in your sonic wheelhouse. Think of like-minded indie artists such as Small Black, Washed Out, Jagwar Ma or Glass Animals, and that should properly prep you.

Foreign Air is Jesse Clasen and Jacob Michael. They’ve been around since 2015, and are currently based in Brooklyn, New York. You might have heard their first single “Free Animal” featured in a TV show or commercial. Since its release, it’s made the rounds more than once. It’s also a bit more aggressive in its pop appeal, so that makes sense

“Chakra Daemon” goes the opposite direction, opting to keep things slightly more on the down-low. If “Free Animal” leaps from beat to beat, “Chakra Daemon” slithers and crawls. It also slips in some subtle sophistication, still remaining undeniably pop, but with a bit more smarts.

Check out Foreign Air’s “Chakra Daemon” and see how its pop sensibilities fit with your style.

“Chakra Daemon” from the 2017 self-titled single.

And here’s their music video, with surreal cross dressing, dancing, and a visual aesthetic that reminds me of “The Neon Demon.”

For comparison’s sake, here’s Foreign Air’s “Free Animal” to check out. Who knows? You might like this one more. Like I said, it’s more immediate and poppier. If anything, it demonstrates their compositional range. You be the judge.

“Free Animal” from the 2016 EP “For the Light.”