LCD Soundsystem’s “Christmas Will Break Your Heart”

So after much inner debate, I’ve decided to punctuate my Christmas Eve with the mighty LCD Soundsystem’s “Christmas Will Break Your Heart.” I could’ve gone with another groovy and hip remix and/or reinterpretation of a classic holiday tune. And I’ve discovered a few original tracks that aren’t too shabby. But this one made me laugh.

Leave it to LCD frontman James Murphy to pen a depressing midlife crisis Christmas song. If he was any less sincere, I don’t think it would work as well as it does. Make no mistake, this is an LCD composition through and through. Not one of the dancier numbers. But something more in line with “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down.” And did I mention, it’s also a Christmas song.

“Christmas Will Break Your Heart” has a small bit of history attached to it. It came out in 2015, marking the first new release from LCD in five years. It’s also the first peep from them, since they broke up four years prior. Not surprisingly, it sparked all kinds of rumors of a reunion tour, maybe a new album, etc. All of that came to pass. And it all started with a downer Xmas tune.

I can’t really describe it more than saying you should just listen to it. It’s got a sauntering rhythm, keeping things fairly minimal. Because ultimately, this one’s all about the lyrics, and how Murphy pours his heart and soul into them. I’d like to think there’s a fair bit of tongue-in-cheek here. But I’m not so sure. Like I mentioned earlier, I feel a genuine sincerity in keeping things down in the dumps. And this song’s all the better for it.

So grab a warm cup of something and settle in for LCD Soundsystem’s “Christmas Will Break Your Heart.” And here I was thinking that there was a lack of original and contemporary holiday music in today’s world.

“Christmas Will Break Your Heart” from the 2015 self-titled single.