Christian Prommer remixes Shirley Horn’s “Winter Wonderland”

Just the other day, I was having a discussion with some friends/co-workers about why holiday songs, particularly Christmas ones, were all so old fashioned, outdated, and to some degree, just plain bad. Of course, this ultimately depends on point of view, upbringing, religious slant, taste, as well as a number of other subjective factors. But the debate remains.

In my case, I don’t particularly listen to holiday-themed music. If I have to, and I have some say in the matter, I’ll choose either the modern offerings by contemporary artists, or the cool classic jazzy ones by the masters of the past. But traditional choirs and carolers aren’t going to cut it.

With that in mind, I’ll attempt to cover a few worthy holiday recommendations before Xmas arrives. I’m not gonna choose anything gimmicky, cheesy, or weird. Because it still has to work for the uninitiated.

Today’s offering is a classic remixed by a contemporary. We all know “Winter Wonderland.” There’s numerous interpretations by all kinds of artists. The one I’m going with is from legendary jazz singer and pianist Shirley Horn, updated with an electronic spin courtesy of DJ/Producer Christian Prommer.

Shirley Horn.

On it’s own, Horn’s version is just plain classy. In the hands of Prommer, “Winter Wonderland” gets redefined as a slick, soothing slice of subtle euphoric electronica. Prommer retains the warm organic essence of Horn’s rendition, while slipping a downtempo progressive rhythm beneath all the jazzy bits. The two styles sync in a perfect balance, as if always intended. And remarkably, the end result still feels of the holiday spirit.

With just a few days left until Xmas, here’s Shirley Horn’s “Winter Wonderland,” as remixed by Christian Prommer, to add a cooler contemporary vibe to the holiday spirit.

Enjoy and be merry!

“Winter Wonderland – Christian Prommer Remix” from the 2008 compilation album “Verve Remixed Christmas.”

Shirley Horn:

Christian Prommer: