Mint Field’s “Nostalgia”

I heard this brief ambient interlude, titled “Nostalgia,” on my drive to work this morning. I say brief because it clocks in at just over 2 minutes. That’s not a lot of time to make an impression, but in this case, it definitely struck a chord.

“Nostalgia” is a particularly moody slice of atmospheric intensity, sculpted with a shroud of sonic subtlety. It feels incredibly melancholic and slightly dark, seething with anxious cymbals and indiscernible vocals, teetering between ethereal and stark. There’s a pervasive loneliness, undermined by a thoughtful whisper of hope, not quite optimistic, nor entirely fated to apathy. If “Nostalgia” is a remembrance of the past, then this memory resonates deeply.

Mint Field are the author of “Nostalgia,” and they’re an ambient shoegaze and psychedelic noise-pop duo from Tijuana, Mexico. Interesting, because I wouldn’t have suspected that. But considering how the current U.S. status quo seems to be caught up in manufacturing conflict and crisis, it’s no surprise that music with this emotional intensity would arise in a border town mere minutes from this country.

Estrella de Sol Sanchez and Amor Amezcua comprise Mint Field, and “Nostalgia” hails from their debut album “Pasar de las Luces.” Both are only 21 years old, yet craft music that feels defiantly mature, imbued with experience beyond their years. Their influences seem palpable, yet their vision is wholly unique. Their entirely Spanish lyrics might have something to do with that.

Although very different in sound, Mint Field reminds me of Israeli shoegaze outfit Vaadat Charigim. By funneling this once-primarily British genre through the lens of other cultures, not only does the genre expand, but it evolves in unexpected and exciting ways.

See how Mint Field’s “Nostalgia” reflects on you.

“Nostalgia” from the 2018 album “Pasar de las Luces.”