Savoir Adore @ the Moroccan Lounge on 12.10.18

Brooklyn-based Savoir Adore is one of those indie bands I keep thinking should be more popular than they are. They sport a readily accessible feel-good pop vibe. Their sound feels really big, like it could fill out even the most expansive of spaces. And their songs are deceptively clever and jubilantly creative, adding a fair bit of substance beneath their shiny exterior.

I say all this because having seen them earlier this week at the Moroccan Lounge, I can’t help but wonder why they haven’t transcended their small clubby roots. Perhaps this is their comfort zone. But these guys deserve to hit it big. And I think if they were to play in front of larger crowds, say a festival circuit, they definitely would.

Savoir Adore are quintessentially a synth-pop/indie rock outfit, crafting buoyantly optimistic tunes of romance and bliss that aim to please. Even their name, translated from the French as “to know love,” sets a lofty euphoric tone. They feature dueling vocalists, Paul Hammer and Lauren Zettler, in a playful back and forth banter that balances just right. And their sound features upbeat sun-drenched rhythms that conjure vistas of warm beaches and tropical worlds.

Curiously, Hammer is the son of synth composer Jan Hammer, who some might recall scored the original “Miami Vice.” So those summer vibes aren’t misplaced. And if you’re into like-minded acts like The Naked and Famous, St. Lucia, and even a little bit of Goldroom and Miami Horror, then Savoir Adore is right square in your wheelhouse.

Check out this collection of songs from Savoir Adore’s performance at the Moroccan Lounge on 12.10.18. There’s four in total, including past favorites “Regalia” and “Dreamers.” Enjoy!

Savoir Adore perform “Regalia” @ the Moroccan Lounge on 12.10.18.

Savoir Adore perform “Dreamers” @ the Moroccan Lounge on 12.10.18.

Savoir Adore perform “Crowded Streets” @ the Moroccan Lounge on 12.10.18.

Savoir Adore perform “Slow Motion” @ the Moroccan Lounge on 12.10.18.