“Coming Down” from the Dum Dum Girls

I’ve been sitting on this song for the last month, letting it swirl around in my tangled thoughts, hoping it would subconsciously steep into something I could actually put into words. I mean, I love the way it makes me feel. But it’s been a bit intangible of late. Perhaps that’s why it’s taken this long to actually post my musings on it.

I’m talking about the Dum Dum Girls’ sprawling slow-burn swagger of an opus titled “Coming Down.” The title pretty much sums it up, because it’s how I’ve been feeling – like literally coming down from a hell of a tripped-out year, both good and bad, chilled and manic, euphoric and sad. I think it’s a fitting score for the year’s end – or at the very least, my year’s end.

Curiously, I totally forgot about this song, until a friend re-recommended it to me.  I used to listen to it quite a bit when it came out some seven odd years ago.  Doesn’t seem that long ago.  But in the time, I managed to miss my one and only chance to see the Dum Dum Girls perform live.  I had to work, so I thought, what the hell, I’ll see them next time they come around.  Well, that never happened because they went on hiatus … indefinitely. Maybe that’s why it slipped from my memories.

Anyway, it’s back in my thoughts, adding some summary context to 2018. I wouldn’t quite call it my New Year’s song. But it belongs in the year’s final playlist, offering melancholic reflection and assured tidings for the unknown days ahead.

“Coming Down” was released in 2011, as the first single from the album “Only in Dreams.” Singer/songwriter Dee Dee (aka Kristin Gundred) has stated in interviews that the song is about dealing with the death of her mother, who passed away during the recording of the album. That does put a somber sobering spin on it. But again, it’s metaphorically quite appropriate. And ultimately, when all is said and done … hopeful.

On that note, here’s the Dum Dum Girls’ “Coming Down” to add some perspective to these often perplexing times.

“Coming Down” from the 2011 album “Only in Dreams.”

Here’s the music video …