“Clouds” by Pastel Ghost

I just stumbled upon Pastel Ghost this evening, while I was sorting out what to post next.  I wasn’t looking in this direction.  But then I heard this wonderful little electronic “dreamrave” track called “Clouds.” 

Dreamrave … I kinda like that.  It’s her words, meaning Pastel Ghost’s self-described sound.  I don’t know her real name.  But I’ve read that she’s based in Brooklyn, New York, or Austin, Texas.  Or perhaps, she used to live in one, and now she lives in the other.  There’s no definitive bio or wiki out there, so info is piecemeal at best.

No matter, it’s not necessary to appreciate the layers of blissful electronica that permeates “Clouds.”  It’s a beautiful track, full of rhythmic ambience and wide-open spaces.  And it’s so easy on the ears, a whispered caress of silky vocals balanced by soft sequences of elegant keys.  

“Clouds” comes from the 2015 album “Abyss,” which I’ve now been checking out avidly … and enjoying.  Dreamrave seems the appropriate description. The atmospherics are on full-frontal display.  And the up-tempo numbers inject a bit of momentum into the ethereality. 

I’m liking where Pastel Ghost is coming from.  See what you think of “Clouds.”

“Clouds” from the 2015 album “Abyss.”

And here’s a music video she put together with footage from the classic anime “Macross Plus,” which incidentally is my favorite of the numerous “Macross”-based series.