NIN, welcome back!

Nine Inch Nails returns to Los Angeles this evening for the first of six nights at the Hollywood Palladium.  I’m absolutely thrilled for this show, seeing it’s the first time NIN has played the Palladium since 2009’s “Wave Goodbye” performances.  And yes, I was one of the many who stood in line for over 8 hours to secure tickets at “The Physical World” Presale back in May.  Below is a couple of quick videos of that experience.  

Here’s the line at 8am.  I’m still wrapped around the block outside the giant parking lot that contains the snaking lines behind the fence. 

Roughly 8am in the morning, heading around the block of the Palladium to the line entrance.

And here’s the line at close to 3pm.  I respect NIN’s idea of old-school ticketing, minus the service fees.  I mean, this is definitely one way to meet other fans.  But I also have a better understanding of the “convenience” in the service charges and convenience fees that ticketing agencies levy on us consumers.  I don’t like paying the extra 30-40% on top of cost.  But after 8 hours on your feet, it doesn’t seem all that bad.  Not sure if that’s what NIN intended.

Approximately 7 hours later …

And my disappointment of missing out on Saturday tickets.  It would’ve been easier with work, traffic, etc. to make the Saturday show.  But, hey, I got Friday night, which is the first show of the bunch.  So finger’s crossed, this one will be a great one.

NIN sell out the Saturday show at The Physical World Presale on 05.19.18.

And to commemorate the start of NIN’s Palladium run, I’ve included some footage of the last time they played L.A. at FYF in Exposition Park last year.  Here’s three tracks, total shaky cam, thanks to being crammed near the front, off to the side, amongst a wild group of devoted fans.

Nine Inch Nails perform “Reptile” at FYF on 07.23.17.

Nine Inch Nails perform “Wish” at FYF on 07.23.17..

Nine Inch Nails perform “Closer” at FYF on 07.23.17.

And to top it all off, here’s a setlist from that FYF show, which at that point marked a welcome return after an extended absence from the “Hesitation Marks” tour.  

And speaking of that “Hesitation Marks” tour, which goes all the way back to 2013, here’s the only surviving clip I have from that show, the single “Came Back Haunted.” It’s short, yet nonetheless cool.

Nine Inch Nails perform a brief bit of “Came Back Haunted” at the Staples Center on 11.08.13.

Once I’ve had a chance to digest this evening’s experience, I’ll be posting more on NIN.  Until then …