The Daysleepers’ “This Dark Universe”

I’m gonna keep things chilled with the Daysleepers’ unapologetically dream-gazed ambience that is “This Dark Universe.”  It’s such a beautifully mellow slice of melancholia that I’m not sure how these New Yorkers arrived at that particular title.  No matter, this one feels all the right feels. 

“This Dark Universe” shimmers in a sea of its own sonic serenity, slipping infinitely into a dream-fall of reflective floatation.  It’s a most peaceful state of sound, and one that lulls you into complete contemplative calm.  It’s the very essence of the ambient side of dream-pop and shoegaze.

Colorful language aside, I can’t think of a more appropriate way to describe music such as this.  It’s beauty for its own sake. It’s deeply emotional and atmospheric.  There’s layers of textures of layers to sift through and get lost in.  And it all seems so disinterested in offering anything more than pure sensation.  I guess that’s all you could really ask for.  And honestly, it’s all you really need.

Here’s “This Dark Universe” to soothe the senses and bathe you in its sea of sound.

“This Dark Universe” from the 2018 album “Creation.”