Floating Points’ “Silurian Blue”

It’s been a restless day … the type where you can’t settle comfortably into any groove.  And when you try, it’s like wading further into indecision.  So consequently, I wasn’t sure I’d post anything this eve.

Well, sometimes the right groove finds you, and sets the course straight. So here I am with Floating Points’ “Silurian Blue,” an instrumental gem of experimental jazz electronica channeled from the ’70s prog-rock era and mainlined through transcendental metaphorical metaphysics. 

I mean, this track is super-chilled avant-garde space music that’s filled with all types of meditative meanderings.  It feels like a sound and vision quest through altered states of aural perception.  And it definitely calms the mind, offering a gentle mental reset (which is what I needed).

Floating Points is the brainchild of English producer/DJ Sam Shepherd, who curiously used to be a neurosurgeon, before embarking on this sonic adventure.  Maybe he’s figured out how to tap into that former profession to sculpt the sounds of his latter.  Or maybe it’s just serendipity.  

Whatever the case, Floating Points successfully navigates the ambience of mind altering calmness.  Let “Silurian Blue” set the right groove for you.

“Silurian Blue” from the 2017 album “Reflections – Mojave Desert.”

And here’s a desert-set video to accompany “Silurian Blue.”  It features performance from Shepherd, as well as musicians from his touring band, who incidentally are fantastic in the live setting.