“You are the Winter” from The Domino State

Okay, now that I’ve got November bundled up in the previous post, let’s move towards the holiday season with some uplifting alternative Brit-rock, appropriately titled “You are the Winter.” 

This one comes from London-based The Domino State, who’ve been around since 2008, but seemed to have vanished after 2014.  Nonetheless, “You are the Winter” remains a refreshing blast of pop-scented air.  It jumps out of the gate fully anthemic, infused with unbridled momentum and sonic sensationalism.  There’s power chords aplenty, and enough emotion to fill a few stadiums.  And beneath the aural overload, there’s a veiled angst-laden frustration in the deep velvety vocals, provided by Matt Forder.  After all, the song is titled “You are the Winter.”

I’d say if you’re a fan of contemporaries like White Lies, the Chameleons, The Twilight Sad, or the Editors, then the Domino State will sit comfortably in your wheelhouse.  They definitely lean towards the accessible, totally listenable, even when they’re hitting their peak intensity.  And their sound is full of warmth, even when the chillier undertones are flowing freely.

Enjoy this seasonal offering from the Domino State.  Here’s “You are the Winter” to mark the days to come.

“You are the Winter” from the 2011 album “Uneasy Lies the Crown.”

And the official music video, abstracted by melting ice sculptures of ships and angels.