Shpongle’s “… And the Day Turned to Night”

I’m going to end November with Shpongle’s magnum opus “… And the Day Turned to Night.”  It’s an appropriate conclusion, as the title even suggests. 

Shpongle, of course, is psy-ambient-trance pioneers Simon Posford and longtime collaborator, flutist and all-round tripper Raja Ram.  From the previous post, you might recall Posford as one half of Younger Brother.  He’s also got a full-on psychedelic trance moniker called Hallucinogen that’s totally bonkers. 

Residing somewhere between all that, Shpongle establishes itself as a quirk-filled mental headtrip of progressive electronic whatever.  It’s its own whimsical beast, assimilating varying cultures and consciousness into its sonic saturnalia of unbridled tech-induced psychedelia.  It’s also remarkably accessible for how far out it goes.  I’ve witnessed those who have zero-to-no interest in electronic music take an immediate liking to Shpongle.  

“… And the Day Turned to Night” is somewhat of an epic odyssey.  It stands at a deceptively exhaustive twenty minutes in length, yet flies by before you know it.  Well, maybe not that quickly, but you get the general idea.  This one’s totally immersive, expertly crafted to lure you in, expand your mind, and potentially make it explode.  I’ll leave it at that. 

I firmly believe this one beckons you to experience from the beginning.  So I’ve thrown the YouTube embed first.  That way, you’ll get Shpongle’s full monty.  The Spotify embed follows right after, and you can toss it in your own playlists, if that suits you. 

So here we go “… And the Day Turned to Night” …

You Tube’s embed of the complete version of “And the Day Turned to Night” from the 1998 album “Are You Shpongled?”

The Spotify embed of “And the Day Turned to Night” from the 1998 album “Are You Shpongled?”