“Only for You” from The Essence

Wow, I can’t believe Spotify actually has this one.  The Essence is a Dutch alternative band from the late ’80s – early ’90s.  And they’re kind of obscure.  But those who do know them, remember them as the band that sounds remarkably like The Cure, albeit a bit lighter and more upbeat. Really, it’s frontman Hans Diener, who sings like Robert Smith’s doppelganger.

“Only for You” is one my favorites from them.  And yes, it has an “In Between Days” quality to it, particularly when it comes to the guitar bits.  But I won’t hold that against them.  I like “In Between Days.”  And I like this, too.

The Essence. Photo sourced from artist’s Website.

It’s still got its own identity, particularly when it slips into a shimmery synth-pop direction.  And there’s an open spatial quality to it that really shines when you crank up the volume, or throw on some over-the-ear headphones.

Of course, you could also say it sounds slightly dated.  And you wouldn’t be wrong.  “Only for You” was released in 1988, and that’s a long time ago.  Here, the production is a little sparser, with the vocals more upfront, and the instrumentation mixed back.  This all makes everything feel of a different era.  But I think that’s why I still enjoy hearing it. 

“Only for You” really is a slice of underground ’80s alternative music.  See what you think.

“Only for You” from the 1988 album “Ecstasy / Nothing Lasts Forever.”

And here’s a really old music video I didn’t even know existed until today.