Still Corners’ “Don’t Fall in Love”

I’m off to a late start this evening.  It’s been a busy day full of all types of busy-ness.  So let’s see what I can get through, before the witching hour strikes.

Tonight’s offering is a psychedelic dream-laced slice of melancholia titled “Don’t Fall in Love.”  It’s one of the earlier recordings from London-based duo Still Corners, and it’s one of my favorites.

I’ve been trying to figure out what this one reminds me of, and I keep circling back to ’60s new wave cinema, probably French, preferably black and white, totally obscure, demurely sexy, full of cigarette smoke, and beautifully deconstructive.  It could also be a song featured in a “Twin Peaks” bar scene.  Either one works.

“Don’t Fall in Love” isn’t the typical dream-pop offering.  Sure, Tessa Murray’s voice is soft as silk, bringing to mind Julee Cruise or Chromatics’ Ruth Radelet.  But the guitar parts are more defined, a little sharper, and ultimately lonelier.  There’s space to breathe, but only because there’s more of it.  This one shimmers and shines due to its minimalism.

Here’s “Don’t Fall in Love,” quite literally at the eleventh hour of this Tuesday evening.  It’s quite fitting for late night listening.

“Don’t Fall in Love” from the self-titled 2010 EP.