Nathan Behrens’ “Don’t Stop Me Now”

I just heard Nathan Behrens’ upbeat house single “Don’t Stop Me Now” this morning, and I think it’s a great way to start this summer-like Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Admittedly, at first, I thought Nora En Pure had a hand in this one.  But not so.  It just has a lot of the signatures that would go into one of her tracks, or at the very least, one of her DJ sets. Thick bass lines, warm piano bits, laid-back sun-drenched grooves, etc.

“Don’t Stop Me Now” runs a slim three and a half minutes, and just feels like summer.  It’s got a welcoming vibe, filled with optimism and spirited euphoria.  And it offers a comforting sound,  not necessarily breaking new ground, but not needing to. Because the emotional intent is there, and it’s all that’s needed.

I’ve scoured the internet, and there’s little to no information about Behrens, except pictures and profiles of some random people who I hope aren’t him.  But seriously, nothing to provide any context.  And this single seems to be the entirety of his available catalogue.  Curious that Spotify would have it.  

So with that lack of knowledge, let Nathan Behrens’ “Don’t Stop Me Now” lift your spirits and brighten your day.

“Don’t Stop Me Now” from the self-titled 2017 single.