“Drive That Fast” from Kitchens of Distinction

I completely forgot about U.K. trio Kitchens of Distinction.  They were a moderate hit in the Brit-pop and alternative scene back in the late ’80s – early ’90s.  They also suffered a bit of controversy, due to some lyrical content that ruffled a few feathers, mainly political and sexual.  But what else is new?

“Drive That Fast” has been a recurring track on one of my playlists, and I finally stopped to take notice.  Like I said, I completely forgot about these guys, so I didn’t even realize it was them.  Color me surprised, because I thought I was listening to something new.  

This track feels of that early ’90s era, but doesn’t necessarily sound like it.  There’s undertones of dream-pop, particularly in the shimmering guitars.  But it’s rhythmically more energetic, and lyrically more upfront and crisp.  I mean, I can slot it next to a track by contemporaries like Wild Nothing or Day Wave, and it fits quite comfortably. The production might sound a little sparser, but the spirit is just the same.  

With that in mind, check out this blast to the Brit-pop past with “Drive That Fast” from Kitchens of Distinction.

“Drive that Fast” from the 1991 album “Strange Free World.”

Also, here’s a vintage music video  …