“Lotion” from Dead Sea

I woke up this morning with this song stuck in my head. And it’s a beautiful song.  But it was preceded by a series of indecisive dreams – hotel hopping in Vegas, searching for a certain someone, as well as my hotel room – wandering the hilled streets of San Francisco, trying to find the garage where I parked my car – and struggling to change the music in an SUV that isn’t mine, looking for a song that I didn’t know.  I sort of found closure on all three, but only the last one truly had an answer.

So that’s when I awoke to Dead Sea’s “Lotion” swirling around my head.  Funny, I’ve actually been meaning to post this one for awhile, but wasn’t really quite sure what to say about it … other than, I really like it.  I guess dream logic sometimes pushes into reality.  And here we are.

Dead Sea is a French four-piece that specializes in what they call turbo chillwave – at least, that’s what it says on their Facebook page.  I totally get the chillwave aspect.  Their music has a casual vibe, carried by breezy vocals, serene synths, and low-key guitars.  The turbo aspect is a bit more elusive.  But after some brief Googling, the terminology seems to be a throwback to ’80s synth-pop culture, which makes sense.  So I’m cool with that.

“Lotion” does kind of feel of the dreamworld, as if you’re just passing through an infinite melody, rather than the other way around.  It’s only three and half minutes long, and doesn’t really shift all that much.  You might even say it’s a little repetitive.  And you wouldn’t be wrong.  But there’s comfort in this carefree rhythmic stroll.  Because you don’t really want it to change, but instead, to just keep drifting forward.

Straight from the land of dreams, here’s Dead Sea’s “Lotion” to soothe the day’s remains.  

“Lotion” from the 2018 EP “Colorate.”

And I just love the surreal quality of their music video …