“Something Here” from Day Wave

Next up is Day Wave’s “Something Here,” an upbeat euphoric number that makes me wish it was still summer.  Although winters in Los Angeles are not really winters at all.  They’re more like sunny chilly spring days, with the occasional heatwave.  So Day Wave still works despite the climate deficiencies.  But then again, I also still wish it was summer.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, Day Wave is the creation of Oakland-turned-Echo Park artist Jackson Phillips, who flies solo sans live performances.  He crafts happy-go-lucky indie-pop that feels genuinely grounded in down-to-earth introspection and emotion.  He relies less on dense atmosphere and more on lush rhythmic immediacy.  Don’t get me wrong, though.  There’s still plenty of atmosphere to go around.  It’s just bundled a bit differently.

“Something Here” is a shining example of Day Wave’s potential.  It’s uplifting and energetic, and full of dream-pop allegories, yet just short of overwhelming.  There’s a lot of feel-good emotion going on within the vocal peaks and synth cascades. The up-tempo rhythm keeps things lively.  And as mentioned, it’s fully reminiscent of those summer days, full of warmth, optimism, and carefree times. 

We can all use a bit of that. Enjoy!

“Something Here” from the 2017 album “The Days We Had.”

And here’s the official music video, which I think perfectly capture’s what “Something Here” is all about …