Dumb Disco Ideas 2: Sloppy Seconds

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Today’s offering is the second playlist in the Dumb Disco Ideas series, titled “Sloppy Seconds.”  It’s one of the earliest playlists I assembled, when I used to have the time to make one.  And it was originally created on my local home system, so a few unique gems got lost in the Spotify translation.  But no worries, I threw in a few fitting substitutes to plug the gaps.  

“Sloppy Seconds” runs for five and half hours, with a fairly broad range of musical genres, ranging from indie rock, electro-pop, lo-fi ambience, old-school alternative, psychedelic trance, dub, and a few other surprises.  Listening to it again, the selection flows smoother than I remember.

Some personal favorites are Panama’s “Destroyer,” the Salt City Orchestra’s remix of Sneaker Pimps’ “Post Modern Sleaze,” the Chromatics “Back from the Grave,” and Tristan’s “Lost & Profound.”

Here’s “Dumb Disco Ideas 2:  Sloppy Seconds” to go with your first servings of Thanksgiving turkey.  Enjoy!