Pinkshinyultrablast’s “Metamorphosis”

If ever a band’s title mirrored their sound, then Pinkshinyultrablast would be at the top of that list.  Listening to this Russian trio is like being blasted with a sonic stream of spangled glitter.  It’s colorfully euphoric, overwhelmingly beautiful, slightly spastic, and ultimately calming.  

“Metamorphosis” comes from their 2016 album “Everything Else Matters,” and its an energetic echo-chamber of spangled sounds.  It features a driving bassline, shimmery vocals, and sudden guitar bursts of fuzzed feedback. You could call it a power pop song, but one filled with dreamlike whirls and waves of kaleidoscopic rhythm. 

I find myself continually drawn to Pinkshinyultrablast for this very reason.  They craft a crazy kind of pop music, taking the wall of sound, stacking it with layered lushness, then blasting it into sonic confetti.  There’s complexity and simplicity all at once.  And the balance just works.

The embed below samples the blasty bits.  But there’s a lot more to “Metamorphosis,” if you start from the start.

“Metamorphosis” from the 2106 album “Everything Else Matters.”