Crash City Saints’ “Spirit Photography”

After a few days resting in the lo-fi spectrum, I think it’s time to take things up a notch.  So let’s head into the Thanksgiving weekend with an energetic offering from Michigan’s indie outfit Crash City Saints, titled “Spirit Photography.”

Now, for starters, the title’s got me hooked.  Anything thematically in the supernatural and metaphysical realms resides in my comfort zone.  So capturing photos of the spirit realm, yeah, that’s cool, even if it’s just a fun sounding title.

Fortunately, “Spirit Photography” is also a blissful blast of psychedelic power pop.  It’s full of colorful fuzzed-out guitar showers, shimmering vocals, and moments that almost feel a little off-balance, just to keep you on your toes.  In a nutshell,  it’s entirely spirited, and not even remotely spooky.  
Crash City Saints have been around since 2010, although I only ran across them last year, with the album “Are You Free?”  It was actually another great track, titled “The Hour of the Wolf,” that I first heard, which you can explore on your own.  

Anyway, try the sonically supernatural “Spirit Photography” to see what aural apparitions it reveals.

“Spirit Photography” from the 2017 album “Are You Free?”