Jon Hopkins’ “Luminous Beings”

I’m going to start today with a few late afternoon/evening posts.  So to begin, let’s take a listen to Jon Hopkins’ ambient electronic opus “Luminous Beings.” 

I was first taken with this track when Hopkins performed it at the Fonda Theatre in September.  I admittedly didn’t give his latest album, “Singularity,” a listen before the show, mainly because I prefer hearing new material live for the first time.  It allows the music to hit me at a primal level.  And my reactions are completely of the moment, spontaneous, genuine, and unfiltered.

So in saying that, “Luminous Beings” just snuck right up on me, and overwhelmed with it’s beautifully subdued rhythmic ambience.  At nearly 12 minutes in length, it does take its time, beginning with some seemingly random bleeps and blops that progressively assemble themselves into a deceptively minimal beat.  From there, it just takes off with some wonderfully relaxed keyboard bits that feel like wind chimes filtered through a cascade of glass bubbles. 

I imagine this would be perfect for those moments when you just need to slow yourself down, and slip into a more meditative mindset.  Curiously, Hopkins does practice transcendental meditation, so there might be some deliberate craft here.

As I mentioned, “Luminous Beings” is a bit on the lengthier side.  But it’s worth sticking with.  It might just be the perfect way to wrap up the day.  Check it out and let it chill you out.

“Luminous Beings” from the 2018 album “Singularity”