“I Woke Up and the Storm was Over” from Tropic of Cancer

I heard this track from Tropic of Cancer earlier today, thanks to Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist.  It’s aptly titled “I Woke Up and the Storm was Over” (which, honestly, is a sentiment I often hope for).  And it’s an exceptionally chill piece of mood music, more melancholic than the typical dream-pop, and yet more engaging than most lo-fi affairs. 

Tropic of Cancer is essentially a one woman show, driven by California-based Camella Lobo.  She seems to know her way around the atmospherics of slow ambiance, creating wide open spaces of gently reverberating sound with whispered layers of vocal melody.  

“I Woke Up and the Storm was Over”  exudes aural texture, easy enough to get lost in, yet light enough to find your way out.  It’s almost pure mood, and certainly requires a bit of patience to experience its intent.  But that’s the beauty of it. 

I find myself enjoying these slow-burns more and more, as they require you to actively engage and ultimately let go.  So take a moment to enjoy this offering from Tropic of Cancer, and see where it takes you.

“I Woke Up and the Storm was Over” from the 2015 EP “Stop Suffering.”