The Bellwether Syndicate’s “You Can See Through Me”

I saw the Chicago-based Bellwether Syndicate a few weeks back as openers for Clan of Xymox at the Echoplex.  Admittedly, I almost forgot about them.  Not because I didn’t like them.  I just got distracted by life.  But thankfully, a friend recently asked me who opened the show.  And that’s when I remembered this song.

It’s titled “You Can See Through Me,” and I kinda love it.  I remember it standing out when they played it, because it was so different from the rest of their material.  The Bellwether Syndicate’s typically a bit on the heavier side of coldwave, with post-punk inclinations and subtle pepperings of psychedelia.

This track is just the opposite.  It’s a rolling psychedelic groove, with only slight undertones of shadowplay – kinda like Siouxsie doing “Dear Prudence,” but with a little more rhythm and sunlight.  It also reminds me of a lot of alternative and goth music that was transitioning toward more paisley pastures in the late ’80s and early ’90s, like early Love & Rockets or their former Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy, when he first stepped out into solo territory.  

“You Can See Through Me” just has that curious and captivating feeling of stepping out of the darkness and into a kaleidoscopic field of color and light.  It’s just a peculiar take on the genre, which consequently makes it stand out.  And I like it.

See what you can see …

“You Can See Through Me” from the 2013 EP “The Night Watch.”