Pond @ the Regent Theatre on 11.13.18

I’m going to start off the Thanksgiving week with Australian psych rockers Pond, who played the Regent Theatre last Tuesday.  I’ve given them a few postings so far, for “Paint Me Silver” and “Sweep My Off My Feet,” as well as their Desert Daze performance.  So it’s safe to say that I really like them. 

Desert Daze was the first time I saw Pond live, so I wanted to experience how they’d do at their own headlining show, sans festival environment.  Of course, I wasn’t disappointed.  I didn’t think I would be.  But I was a little concerned at first, seeing the Regent can sometimes be a challenging venue for sound quality. 

Pond quickly dispensed with such worries by coming on strong, loud, and full of vitality and energy.  This was just a different affair than Desert Daze.  It was a chance for Pond to stretch their legs, loosen their performance, and just fill out the space with sonic spontaneity and stage dives.  On that latter note, I think frontman Nick Allbrook spent at least a quarter of the show in the audience – at least, it felt that way.

Most of all, I just enjoyed seeing them perform material prior to 2017’s “The Weather,” although they did that too, as well as a couple of new ones.  Their earlier stuff is definitely more upbeat rockin’ psychedelia, recalling the likes of Tame Impala live – which shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing that keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson is in both bands, and Impala frontman Kevin Parker is Pond’s record producer.

Highlights include rousing renditions of “Giant Tortoise” and “Waiting Around for Grace,” as well as this awesome new opus of a song titled “Burnt Out Star,” which I was so caught up in that I forgot to capture any footage of it.  But they’ve released it as a single, so it’ll be included in the show setlist that I’m going to post next.

Well, enough of all this chit-chat.  Here’s a selection of Pond’s performance at the Regent on 11.13.18.  It’s starts with “The Weather” and ends with a fancy rendition of “Paint Me Silver,” just because I love that song so much.  But everything in between is vintage Pond.  Enjoy!

Pond perform “The Weather” @ the Regent Theatre on 11.13.18.

Pond perform “Waiting Around for Grace” @ the Regent Theatre on 11.13.18.

Pond perform “Giant Tortoise” @ the Regent Theatre on 11.13.18.

Pond perform “Don’t Look at the Sun or You’ll Go Blind” @ the Regent Theatre on 11.13.18.

Pond perform “Fire in the Water” @ the Regent Theatre on 11.13.18.

Pond perform “Paint Me Silver” @ the Regent Theatre on 11.13.18.