Ruby Haunt’s “Darling”

I started a write-up on these guys, but had to stop.  You see, I was listening to some of their other material, and realized that I really, really like their music. So I just had to take some time to soak it in.

The band is Ruby Haunt, comprised of Wyatt Ininns and Victor Pakpour, and they’re based in Los Angeles.  They have three albums of material – that I could find – and a handful of singles and EPs.  All of it is pretty darn good.  I’d say if you’re into Cigarettes After Sex, Small Black, Washed Out, and the like, these guys will fall comfortably in your playlists.

The track that initially caught my attention is the lo-fi dream-pop single “Darling.”  This one just makes you want to slow the fuck down and slip into a meditative calmness.  It’s that kind of music.  I’ve also been picking up on a romantic undercurrent, both melancholic and euphoric, filled with warm and comforting vibes.  This strikes me as a good balance for the winter weather that is upon us.

That said, check out “Darling” from Ruby Haunt.

“Darling” from the 2018 album “Blue Hour,”

And an abstract music video bathed in television distortion…