“A Great Design” from Black Marble

“A Great Design” is another one of those intriguing tracks that randomly popped up on shuffle and surprised me.  It’s by East Coast act Black Marble, who I’ve read is the solo project by New York musician Chris Stewart.   

Black Marble also came recommended from a work colleague who I spend a lot of time discussing music with.  So I kindly took his suggestion, and chucked it in my playlist I use to sample new music.  That was about a week ago.  And finally, it made the rotation earlier this afternoon.

This track reminds me of a lot of bands like Small Black, Teen Daze, Washed Out, and Summer Heart.  And that’s not a bad thing.  They all share this breezy lo-fi synth ambience that soothes your ears and serenades them with spatial subtlety. 

“A Great Design” is all about that.  It’s laid-back rhythm and calming vocals chill you out, essentially easing you into a more meditative mindset.  And these days, that seems to be my general go-to theme.

Check out Black Marble’s “A Great Design” …

“A Great Design” from the 2012 album “A Different Arrangement.”

And here’s a really odd music video …