The Horrors’ “Still Life”

One last post for this Friday afternoon …  The Horrors “Still Life” has been sitting in the cue, just waiting for me to dust it off and throw it up on this site.  It’s a bit back catalogue, coming form 2011’s “Skying” album, but it still sounds of the moment.

It’s one of favorites from the British outfit, who tend to cross indie rock boundaries into psychedelia, shoegaze, post-punk, garage-rock, and glam-goth shlock.  This one leans well into the downtempo grooves of paisley phantasmagoria.  It reminds me of younger days, when life was a bit simpler, attitudes were infinitely more carefree, sobriety was optional, and optimism was a norm.  Not a bad place to be.

I recently caught The Horrors over the summer in Los Angeles for the latest tour.  It goes without saying that they were amazing, really injecting a passion and energy to their material that can only be experienced in a live setting.  And I’ve been looking for an excuse to post something from that show, ever since I started this blog a few months ago.  Today seems like the right time.  

So … “Still Life” from The Horrors …

“Still Life” from the 2011 album “Skying.”

Here’s The Horrors performing “Still Life” at the Regent Theatre in July. I realize that most of this footage is out of focus.  But think of it as setting the tone … it’s not a flaw, but a feature …

The Horrors perform “Still Life” at the Regent Theatre on 07.01.18.