Spencer Brown’s “5th & Concord”

This week has been a bit rough for posting.  Lots of busy-ness that’s prevented me from keeping up with the tunes.  So let’s see if I can remedy some of that today.

To start, my morning drive introduced me to a wonderful bit of progressive house by DJ/Producer Spencer Brown, titled “5th & Concord.”  Now, I know absolutely nothing about Brown, other than he’s a staple on Above & Beyond’s legendary trance/house label Anjunabeats.  And he’s based in the San Francisco Bay Area. That’s good enough for me.

“5th & Concord” is a breezy electronic dance number that’s built on a subtle euphoria.  It’s got some wonderfully soothing keys, an easy uplifting rhythm, and an infinitely listenable progression that I wish would keep going and going.  I’ve been listening to this a lot, and still haven’t tired of it.

If you’ve had one of those challenging weeks, this one just might set you back on track.  Here’s “5th & Concord.”

“5th & Concord” from the 2017 EP “Embarcadero.”