Paul Kalkbrenner’s “Der Buhold”

Here’s another drive-by number I caught on my morning commute to work.  It’s an energetic old-school techno number titled “Der Buhold” by German DJ/Producer Paul Kalkbrenner. 

This one caught my attention because it really took me back to the heyday of old-school “rave” culture.  That’s what the electronic music scene was called back in the late ’80s – early ’90s, and the only place to hear this stuff was at warehouse parties – i.e. “raves”- most of the time held illegally, yet filled with good intentions and positive vibes.  And it was glorious.

The creativity and openness of expression was off the charts.  Anything and everything was fair game, when it came to the music. And nearly three decades later, the impact of influence is remarkable.  

“Der Buhold” feels of that era, yet refined and focused for today’s world.  It’s got a slammin’ piston-driving rhythm, complemented by some vintage glassy keys and a slippery wobble of synth sounds.  It’s made for the late night dance floor, but works just as well as a motivating metronome.

So enough of my reminiscing, as well as the brief history lesson.  Here’s “Der Buhold” for your enjoyment.

“Der Buhold” from the 2012 album “Guten Tag.”

And the official music video …