Lust for Youth’s “Armida”

At the moment, I’m a little sleep deprived.  So forgive me, if I ramble a bit.  I had a late night at work, coupled with some apocalyptic dreams for what little sleep I did get.  Got hit by a giant tsunami, one of those “Deep Impact“-style 2000 footers.  I ran to the roof of my condo to watch it hit, only to realize it was a lot smaller than originally envisioned. I mean, it still flooded a couple stories.  But I’m on the third floor, so all was good.  Then I woke up, and immediately heard Lust for Youth’s “Armida” playing in the back of my mind.  No idea why, except maybe to start today’s posts.

So that’s how we’ll begin …

I first heard the Copenhagen-based trio Lust for Youth at last year’s Cloak & Dagger Festival in Los Angeles – not the most recent one, but 2017.  I knew absolutely nothing about them, except that they were slotted earlier in the evening, before a couple of acts I was there to see. And then I heard the single in question, “Armida,” which really grabbed my attention.

This track from the 2014 album “International” firmly resides in the coldwave category, possessing a slightly cooler electronic vibe. It’s also styled in an unexpectedly upbeat brand of synth-pop.  And it definitely feels inspired by the ’80s new wave underground, yet doesn’t seem to rely on it.

I’m not sure why this track popped in my head after the aforementioned dream.  But it’s as good a reason as any to share it with you.  Check out the embed below …

“Armida” from the 2014 album “International”.

And here’s Lust for Youth performing “Armida” at last year’s Cloak & Dagger Festival at the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles.

Lust for Youth perform “Armida” @ Cloak & Dagger at the Globe Theatre on 10.21.17.