The Birthday Massacre’s “Beyond”

I’ve got one last post for the evening.  I couldn’t resist, after hearing The Birthday Masscacre’s “Beyond,” while driving home from work tonight.  I was there kinda late, working through some project complications.  But all good now.  Plus, I got the previous two posts done. As well as gathered some insight into a few astrological issues.

Anyway, I digress.  The Birthday Massacre are a Canadian indie rock outfit that feels very of the ’80s new wave movement, mixing new romantic and goth elements into a pleasurable concoction of melodic aural witchcraft.  Their music’s sometimes thrown in the darkwave category.  But I find it much too playful and upbeat to reside there.  If anything, it’s a bit on the curiouser and curiouser side of subversion, reflecting all the whimsical colors of the dark. 

Take the track in question … “Beyond” is a blissful blast of synth-pop, with a bit of a sonic supernatural bent.  There’s also a bit of rock, minus the indie, populating the sound.  And vocalist Chibi can definitely sing.  She’s not what you’d expect from a band called The Birthday Massacre.

“Beyond” is from 2014 album “Superstition.”  If you like this single, feel free to check out some others, like “Kill the Lights,” ” Happy Birthday,” and “Goodnight.”  Until then, see where this one takes you …

“Beyond” from the 2014 album “Superstition.”