Khruangbin’s “Friday Morning”

Last night, a very lovely person recommended this Texas trio to me.  She didn’t know how to pronounce their name.  Neither do I.  But here’s a link to a You Tube video, where they actually say it during an encore, if that helps. 

Anyway, according to the internet, Khruangbin is a Thai word that literally translates to “engine fly,” or more generally, “airplane.” They’re also influenced by ’60s Thai funk, although they’re from Houston, and not Thai.  But they do have a global spectrum of genres and influences, with an inclination towards funk, soul, and downtempo psychedelia.

They played the Wiltern over the weekend, and I unfortunately couldn’t make it.  The footage that was shared with me looked amazing.  Foolish me.

I’ve been giving their latest album “Con Todo El Mundo” some heavy rotation in the last 12 hours.  I also managed to squeeze a little sleep in.  But this one’s getting me through the morning.  And the song choice for this post is the super-chilled “Friday Morning.”  I know, it’s only Tuesday, but we can all be hopeful.

Check out this Texas trio.  They’re a great way to ease into the day… and I imagine, late nights work just as well.

“Friday Morning” from the 2018 album “Con Todo El Mundo.”