“Far” from The Soft Moon

Let’s start the evening with The Soft Moon, a post-punk coldwave barnstormer of a band from the Bay Area, as in San Francisco, or more specifically Oakland.  I first caught wind of these guys at last year’s Cloak & Dagger Festival in Los Angeles.  I had no idea who they were.  Only knew their name.  And when they started playing … holy shit!  They just blew me away.

Now, The Soft Moon might not be everyone’s cup-of-tea.  But I spent a lot of time in the old industrial and goth scene.  So my comfort zone is a bit more accommodating.  And these guys are a logical progression of that era.  The production is slicker.  The music is a bit less abrasive.  But the energy and the attitude are all there.

The song that stuck out was “Far,” a fist-pounding whirl of a rhythm that literally drives you to lose your shit … in the best possible way.  It’s filled with otherworldly guitars that knock you off balance and thick synths that tweak your perceptions.  And it’s all accompanied by frontman Luis Vasquez’s angst-laden vocals, whispered and shouted all at once, if such a thing is possible.  

Here’s “Far” by The Soft Moon, as well as the tail end of their Cloak & Dagger rendition.  I’ve also included the full version performed at the Teragram Ballroom, earlier this year.


“Far” from the2015 album “Deeper.”

“Far” at last year’s Cloak & Dagger Festival at the Globe Theatre on 10.21.17.

The Soft Moon perform “Far” at last year’s Cloak & Dagger on 10.21.17.

And again at the Teragram Ballroom earlier this year on 04.13.18.

The Soft Moon perform “Far” earlier this year at the Teragram Ballroom on 04.13.18.