Massive Attack’s “Teardrop”

Having posted about the Cocteau Twins yesterday, I couldn’t not post Massive Attack’s “Teardrop,” which was the inspiration for that previous post.  Why?  Because the seminal trip-hop band is touring the groundbreaking “Mezzanine” album in its entirety .. and they’re bringing Cocteau vocalist Elizabeth Fraser with them to perform “Teardrop,” as well as a few others she penned with the band.  That moment alone will be amazing, considering Liz rarely performs these days. 

“Teardrop” came out in 1998, included on the UK duo’s third and most commercially successful album “Mezzanine.”  And it’s probably the one track that’s consistently identified with Massive Attack.  Don’t misread me here.  There’s plenty of fantastic Massive Attack, old and new.  And “Mezzanine” has plenty to choose from.  

But I think “Teardrop’s” uniqueness comes from the melding of a deliberately downtempo groove with the dream-pop inclinations of Liz’s vocals, which, in this case, are brought to the forefront with a bit more clarity than what existed with the Cocteau’s.

Here’s “Teardrop” for your reminiscence/enjoyment …

“Teardrop” from the seminal 1998 album “Mezzanine.”

The official music video …