ACTORS’ “L’aapel Du Vide”

I encountered this one in between sets at Clan of Xymox‘s Echoplex show last weekend.  Part Time Punks, a radio show on KXLU 88.9FM, promotes a series of great shows, including this one, at the Echoplex and its smaller counterpart the Echo.  At these shows, their DJs fill in the gaps between bands with an impressive and varied selection of indie and alternative music, leaning heavily into the psychedelic shoegaze/dream-pop genre, all the way towards gothic, industrial, coldwave, and darkwave. 

I’ve included this long-winded introduction for two reasons.  First, to clue you in to Part Time Punks.  And second, and more importantly, to provide context for this posting of ACTORS’ propulsive alternative opus “L’aapel Du Vide,”  loosely translated as “The Call of the Void” (if the internet’s to be trusted).

ACTORS are a Canadian fourpiece from Vancouver.  They fall in the post-punk category, but I liken them more to underground coldwave acts like The Soft Moon, Lust for Youth, or Cold Cave.  They’ve got a driving percussive rhythm, flanked by layered synths and punctuated guitars.  There’s a bit of new wave and industrial, and a whole lot of ’80s alternative, all filtered through contemporary attitude and aesthetics.

It’s always an exciting time when bygone fringe genres are rediscovered, reinterpretated, and reinvented by fresh new blood.  I’m looking forward to hearing what ACTORS has to offer in future days.  For now, check out “L’aapel Du Vide.”

“L’aapel Du Vide” from the 2018 album “It Will Come to You.”