Groove Street II: Electric Boogaloo

I’m gonna be a bit lazy today, and start with an older playlist.  This one’s the second chapter in the Groove Street odyssey, titled “Groove Street II:  Electric Boogaloo.”  The title clearly says nothing about the near six hour selection of songs, other than I’m familiar with some old ’80s pop culture.  Really, it’s just for kicks.

“Groove Street II” features a bundle of great music, a lot of it skewing electronic this time out.  If that’s not your thing, know that I’ve made an honest effort to keep things organic and fresh, rather than cold and tech-heavy.  Some highlights include Sasha and Poliça’s progressive “Out of Time,” Talamanca’s mildly euphoric “A Day at the Beach,” and Daniel Avery’s bio-mechanical “Naïve Response.”  There’s also some other fun stuff by indie acts Crash City Saints, Panama, and DeLorean.

Enjoy this second chapter in the ongoing musical saga that is Groove Street …