Ole Biege & Martin Waslewski’s “Reilstreet”

Let’s close out this Monday with some quality deep house.  I kind of need it right now.  It’s Monday, after all.  And the day’s been a rough bit of a wash.  So here goes …

I encountered “Reilstreet” while I was relaxing on the beach over the weekend.  It didn’t make yesterday’s posts, so I decided to bring it with me to work, and give it a few goes in the rotation.  Glad I did, because this is some real high caliber house.

“Reilstreet” is that 4am deep house track that works wonders on a dancefloor, but also makes an equal effort when you’re kickin’ it and chillin’.  It sports a readily relaxed vibe, with soothing progressive chords and a laid-back rhythm that keeps things open and airy.  It’s got space to breathe, but room to move.  And to me, that’s my favorite kind of deep house.

Martin Waslewski. Photo sourced from artist’s Facebook.

DJ/Producers Ole Biege & Martin Waslewski are the parties responsible, and I know absolutely nothing about either of them.  But I’d sure as shit like to.  I realize the day’s almost over, but see how this one slots into the remainder of your evening … or save it until tomorrow …

“Reilstreet” from the 2017 the self-titled EP “Reilstreet.”

Ole Biege:

Martin Waslewski: