Trans Atlantic Crush’s “Glitter and Gold”

Okay, this one took me by surprise today.  I was randomly checking out some bands I’d heard of, but had yet to hear. And then I found this wonderful little gem titled “Glitter and Gold” by the trio Trans Atlantic Crush. 

With this track, these guys really nail the ’80s electronic synth-pop vibe, minus the nostalgia or sentimentality.  The rhythm is totally uplifting, danceable, and catchy as hell.   The vocals are a little reminiscent of Erasure’s Andy Bell.  And the music is energetic and uplifting, with feel-good written all over it.

After a little online research, I was surprised to find these three guys are from the US, based in three different cities, Boise, Nashville, and Kansas City.  Apparently, “Glitter and Gold,” as well as the accompanying album “Sea of Dreams,” was written and recorded remotely among the trio.  With this track, you’d never know.

Give it a listen and see for yourself …

“Glitter and Gold” from the 2018 album “Sea of Dreams.”