Xul Zolar’s “Japanese Money”

Here’s another song I heard while chillin’ on the beach today.  I think it was after I woke up from a nap that was induced by the Stargazer Lilies‘ “Let It Go.”  So I was in a lucid waking moment of sorts.

“Japanese Money” comes from the Cologne outfit Xul Zolar’s 2018 album “Fear Talk.” I admittedly know very little about this band.  But I’ve read that they’re named after an Argentinian painter, Xul Solar, and are often categorized as electro-synth-pop.  

I feel that there’s a lot of ’80s influence going on here.  But only specific parts of the 80s.  Namely Bryan Ferry and Talk Talk, particularly on the vocal side.  And the guitar riffs and rhythm section keep reminding me of synth icons Tangerine Dream, and their iconic score for the infamous train scene in the film “Risky Business.” I’m sure there’s a lot of other stuff going on, but that’s what I got from those waking moments on the beach today.

Check it out …

“Japanese Money” from the 2018 album “Fear Talk.”