The Stargazer Lilies’ “Let It Go”

Wow, this is a strangely mesmerizing song.  I fell asleep listening to this on the beach today (that’s Nov. in Los Angeles for you).  And it was like being lulled into a softly cascading breeze of subconscious descent.  

“Let It Go” is from The Stargazer Lilies’ beautifully off-kilter 2017 album “Lost.”  This indie band from Pennsylvania gets lumped in the dream-pop, shoegaze category.  But “Let It Go” feels a bit more otherworldly, with a heavy droning ambience that’s practically whispered through a swollen wave of hypnotic guitar reverb.

I realize that description is a bit obtuse.  But just listen to this track, and it’ll make a sort of sense.  If anything, I found “Let It Go” to be a sublime nap inducer for beach-related relaxation.

“Let It Go” from the 2017 album “Lost.”