The Glee Club’s “Remember the Years”

I’ve been feeling a bit melancholy this afternoon, so I thought this track by Irish duo The Glee Club would complement the mood.  “Remember the Years” came out in the mid-’90s on the acclaimed U.K. label 4AD Records, who were responsible for bands like the Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Pale Saints, Lush, and a slew of others.  If you know any of those acts, then you might get a feel for what this track sounds like.

Firmly rooted in minimalism, “Remember the Years” is driven primarily by a lone guitar, a violin and an ethereal whisper of lyrics by vocalist Joanne Loughman.  It’s slightly haunting, somewhat sad, and beautifully realized.  It’ll definitely put you in a mood of sorts, or perhaps help you with the one you have.  

See how this one makes you feel …

“Remember the Years” from the 1994 album “Mine.”